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“Magan Tha Main Sabzi Main Nuks Nikalne Mein…

Aur Vo khuda Se Suukhi Roti Ka Shukar Mana Raha Tha..!!!”










Going to bed with this thought. 

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Food, glorious food. With the passing of the most greedy and fattening time of the year, new figures have come onto the scene, revealing really rather shocking amounts of food waste. It’s all over the news, and for good reason.

Day after day we’re seeing aid adverts on TV, depicting starving children who are dying due to lack of food, and yet it comes to light that as much as half of the world’s produced food is going to waste. That’s produced, and often packaged  but never eaten. A large amount is even bought, but never eaten, as it’s often gone off, or past its best before date.

The report released this week by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers entitled Waste Not, Want Not shows that of the four billion tonnes of food that’s produced globally each year, over half is never eaten. TWO BILLION TONNES OF FOOD WASTED. Now, I don’t…

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Food For Thought

I check The Weather Network website pretty regularly for the weather and happened to notice one of their “Top Stories” yesterday: Up to half of the world’s food goes to waste.Whaaaaat!!! The article is based on a recent study from the UK that found between 30-50% of all food goes to waste annually, either from consumers’ habits, poor harvesting or poor care/storage.

In my opinion, a good chunk of that 50% comes from bad consumer habits. All too often I see people throw out half a sandwich/bagel they’re too full to eat, throw out a banana just because it is no longer completely yellow, take two bites out of an apple then throw it away, or peel off the crusts on their sandwich and throw them away. Save that half a sandwich for a snack later or even for part of tomorrow’s lunch. If a banana is…

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Trinity Times


2013 present us with a unique oppurtunity to end world hunger as the UK hosts the G8. Every day 870 million people goto bed hungry and each year 2 million children die of hunger.

Are you willing to stay silent as this continues. We have the resources the end world hunger so let see our generation unite and say with one voice. “This Must Change”.

IF … We Use Land for Food Instead of FUEL.

IF … World Leaders ACT NOW

IF … We Speak for those who are not heard themselves

It is time to make a stand and time to change the world we live in. Let US be known as the country and generation that bought an end to World Hunger.

Together We Can Achieve This


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20130203-184321.jpgYesterday, our church worshipped God in a different way. No sermon. No singing. No Sunday School. Instead, we cleared out the chairs, set up tables, and packed meals that will be sent around the world to feed hungry kids. This was the second year our church partnered with “Feed My Starving Children” to fight world hunger. Here are the stats:

4 Two-Hour Sessions
706 Volunteers
132,192 Meals Packed

Result: 362 children will get to eat one meal a day for an entire year.

I didn’t share this information to highlight the efforts of our church. Although, I am very pleased to be part of a church that would interrupt its regular preaching and teaching schedule to worship God in this way. I share this to illustrate something we all know, but seldom practice: “It takes a very little to make a very big difference.” The data suggests that one child…

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Salt Lake County Seed Swap

Here is an excerpt from the “about” section on the think.eat.save website:

“What is the Food Waste Campaign all about?
The down side: food waste is a massive global problem that has negative humanitarian, environmental and financial implications.

The up side: with relative ease and a few simple changes to our habits, we can significantly shift this paradigm.

Many regional campaigns have recently been launched, echoing to the challenge of food waste at the national level and in major sectors, including hotels, restaurants, supermarkets and households. Perhaps surprisingly, one-third of all unused food in developed countries is wasted by households.

The Think.Eat.Save campaign of the Save Food Initiative, is a partnership between UNEP, FAO and Messe Düsseldorf, and in support of the UN Secretary-General’s Zero Hunger Challenge, which seeks to add its authority and voice to these efforts in order to galvanize widespread global, regional and national actions…

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